I am an avid hobbyist with a very understanding husband!  We currently maintain about 1600 gallons of water in 28 tanks in our home, with about 2800 gallons in the store.  I keep and raise many rare plecos, Tanganyikan cichlids, planted tanks, a few reef tanks and assorted oddball fish.

I am frequently invited to speak about breeding plecos (Loricariids) for fish clubs around the country, but usually can only get away from the shop a few times a year.  They are definitely the area of this hobby that I am most passionate about.

After managing stores for other people, I decided I would be happier selling products and fish that you will be happy with long term and not selling so much stuff that isn’t really necessary.  I really enjoy helping my customers be successful with their fish and tank projects, from plumbing to the nitrogen cycle.

We are owned by our two Mastiffs, Cali and Sasha.  The girls don’t spend as much time in the store as they used to, but do occasionally make public appearances.

Thank you for stopping by, I look forward to seeing you at the shop!

Barbie Fiorentino